Many of our clients have been receiving an official looking notice that looks like it is from the State of California. It is entitled "Disclosure Statement, Board of Business Compliance, Annual Minutes Division, (Shareholders and Directors)." The only problem is that California has no "Board of Business Compliance." As one of our clients noted, the reader has to get to near the end of the form to find the statement "This product or service has not been approved or endorsed by any government agency and this offer is not being made by an agency of the government." The Disclosure Statement purports to require disclosure of officers and directors for purposes of preparing corporate minutes. It asks that the form be submitted "for processing and fulfillment of Annual Minutes for your corporation" with a check for $125. Of course, no corporation needs to submit this form, or pay the fee, to comply with the law. If you are a client of our firm and are incorporated in California or qualified to do business in California, we take the necessary steps to keep you in good standing. Even if you are not a client, completing this form and sending the money is not necessary and is probably a waste of money.

This solicitation follows a corporate scam reported by the State of Washington Secretary of State. According to the Washington Secretary of State, a company called "National Business Registration" has been sending businesses a "final notice" that tells the owner the business is required to register with the National Corporation Registry, which actually doesn't exist. The cost of this scam is $487 and threatens dissolution or revocation. (See the press release at:  )

These solicitations and scams take advantage of the fact that a company's address and contact information are public information and can be used by unscrupulous people to the company's disadvantage. Don't assume that correspondence is official without carefully reviewing it first