French President Francois Hollande has announced a new central agency to fight fraud and corruption. France will create three new bodies to prevent corruption in government, starting with a “high authority” to audit lists of assets. Government ministers must divulge their wealth by 15 April 2013. Deputies and senators will be required to do so as soon as a new law, to be presented on 24 April 2013, is passed. The government will name a financial prosecutor to pursue corruption and tax fraud, and it will create a “central office against fraud and corruption” drawing on the staff of the interior and finance ministries. . French banks will have to publish every year, the full list of their subsidiaries in the world, country by country. Mr Hollande has said that "tax havens must be eradicated, in Europe, and Worldwide" in a toughening stance against corruption and hidden wealth. This announcement comes after France's ex-Budget Minister Jerome Cahuzac has been charged with fraud over a secret Swiss bank account.