On May 27, 2016, the USPTO proposed various trademark fee adjustments, including many changes to the TTAB fee schedule. Also, certain new fees will be imposed. The notice of proposed rule making may be found here. Written comments must be received by the USPTO on or before July 11, 2016.

The proposed fees will allow the Office to recover the aggregate estimated cost of Trademark and Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) operations and USPTO administrative services that support Trademark operations. The proposals will further USPTO strategic objectives by: Better aligning fees with the full cost of products and services; protecting the integrity of the register by incentivizing more timely filing or examination of applications and other filings and more efficient resolution of appeals and trials; and promoting the efficiency of the process, in large part through lower-cost electronic filing options.

In the TTAB realm, the proposal would raise the ex parte appeal fee from $100 to $200 for electronic filing, and to $300 for paper filing.

The fee for filing a notice of opposition or a petition for cancellation would rise from $300 to $400 for electronic filing, and to $500 for paper filing.

New fees would be introduced in connection with the filing for extensions of time to oppose. A potential opposer must pay $100 for a first 30-day extension of time, if filed electronically, and a second $100 for another 60-day electronic extension; or a $200 fee for a single electronic 90-day extension. If filed on paper, the fees are doubled.

Outside the TTAB realm, many individual fees and service charges would be increased. A quick list of the new fees appears at page 33631 of the Federal Register notice.