National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Member Terrence Flynn, a Republican recess recess appointee, submitted his resignation to President Obama and NLRB Chairman Mark G. Pearce, to be effective July 24, 2012. The resignation letter, dated May 25, 2012, stated that he recused himself effective immediately from all NLRB activities. Flynn also requested that President Obama withdraw his February 2011 nomination to the NLRB. That nomination had never been acted upon by the Senate.Flynn joined the NLRB in 2003 as chief counsel to a board member. Flynn later received a recess appointment to the NLRB in January 2012 along with Richard Griffin and Sharon Block, both Democrats.

Flynn has been heavily criticized recently by Democratic members of Congress who called for his resignation following a report by the NLRB Inspector General that concluded Flynn had made improper disclosures to several former NLRB members. These disclosures allegedly included lists that contained information about “lead cases” pending before the NLRB, drafts of dissenting opinions, and internal memos that discussed legal issues. Flynn denied any misconduct.

An NLRB statement following the resignation said that the remaining four NLRB members will immediately resume deliberations and processing of pending cases.