In the case of Hillcrest Homes Limited v Beresford and Curbishley Limited, the Technology and Construction Court (TCC) decided that claims that had been brought in relation to negligent misstatement and misrepresentation could not be the subject of adjudication. Rather, such claims had to be brought before a court or arbitrator. For more details, see the full analysis of the case.

In the case of Walker Construction (UK) Limited v Quayside Homes Limited and another, the Court of Appeal was asked to consider the status of an adjudicator's decision in the period leading up to final determination. Just how "binding" is the decision during the period after that decision is first made, but before a judgment is handed down by a court or an award is made by an arbitrator? And what, if any, effect does the adjudicator's decision have upon the burden of proof in any later proceedings? For further information on these questions, see the analysis.