This month, we are thrilled to feature Brightcore Energy, a clean energy and efficiency-as-a-service company for commercial, industrial, and institutional real estate owners. In August, Brightcore closed an equity financing deal with SER Capital Partners, a sustainable investment focused private equity firm, pursuant to which SER committed to invest $82 million into Brightcore. SER’s investment will significantly expand Brightcore’s balance sheet and its ability to implement, finance, invest in, and acquire a broad range of clean energy projects and solutions, thereby enabling its customers to reduce operating costs and mitigate their environmental footprint at no upfront expense.

Brightcore was founded in 2015 and is led by a team of industry veterans whose mission is to help their clients drastically reduce their reliance on fossil fuels through a comprehensive approach to both energy efficiency and clean energy resources. Brightcore is driven by a sincere desire to improve their clients’ bottom line. Brightcore develops, owns, and finances advanced energy projects for deployment in the commercial-industrial sector. Brightcore Energy’s innovative Efficiency-as-a-Service (EaaS) model requires no capital investment and provides for immediate operating cost savings, making it affordable and seamless for businesses and institutional buildings to quickly and easily transition their legacy energy platforms to significantly more efficient ones. Brightcore’s services cover a broad range, including commercial and community solar, high-efficiency renewable heating and cooling (geothermal), LED lighting and controls, electric vehicle (EV) charging, battery storage, smart building solutions and other emerging technologies.

In addition to serving as Brightcore’s primary project development counsel, the Mintz Energy & Sustainability team is excited to have advised Brightcore Energy in the equity financing deal with SER. The Mintz team leading the transaction included Eric Macaux, Kris Kirkwood,Andrew Bernstein, Roy Gillig, Bill Squires, Evelyne Guillouet, and Kirk Coleman.