A California federal court has dismissed a lawsuit alleging Kraft Heinz Food Co. mislabels its Heinz sauces as manufactured in the United States despite containing ingredients sourced outside the country, including turmeric, tamarind extract and jalapenos. Alaei v. Kraft Heinz Food Co., No 15-2961 (S.D. Cal., order entered April 22). The complaint failed to meet the heightened pleading standards associated with fraud claims, the court found, in part because she did not allege that the Heinz 57® sauce she bought contained any specific ingredients of foreign origin. Further, she could not have standing to assert misrepresentation claims against products she did not purchase without arguing the other sauces were substantially similar to Heinz 57®. Accordingly, the court granted Kraft’s motion to dismiss but allowed the plaintiff leave to amend. Additional information on the complaint appears in Issue 589 of this Update.