In a win for the financial services community, a U.S. District Court in Delaware has granted summary judgment of non-infringement to defendants IYG Holding Co. (the majority shareholder of convenience store chain, 7-Eleven Inc.), Vcom Financial Services Inc., and Cardtronics USA Inc. The court also held invalid for indefiniteness certain claims of one of the five patents in suit.

A turning point in the litigation appeared to be the court’s interpretation of the term “Internet” used in the patent claims. The court held that the defendants’ ATMs did not connect to the Internet, but instead relied on a private frame relay network to communicate. The plaintiff is likely to appeal the court’s grant of summary judgment and claim construction.

The patents in suit are U.S. Patent Nos. 6,945,457; 7,571,850; 7,591,420; 7,575,158; and 7,600,677.

(Sources: RFC Express, Law 360)