Easier access to highly qualified employees from countries outside the EU is the purpose of a series of amendments to the Danish Aliens Act (udlændingeloven) in a bill tabled by the Danish Government.

Several studies show that Danish enterprises are facing a future with a shortage of qualified employees. Therefore, the Danish business community will be in need of even more qualified foreign employees.

New bill tabled

On 7 October 2014, the Government tabled a bill containing a series of amendments to the Aliens Act. The amendments are intended to make it easier for enterprises to employ highly qualified employees from countries outside of the EU.

This means, for example, that certified enterprises will have the possibility of using a fast-track scheme, and the green card scheme will be streamlined.

Foreign employees

As a general rule, foreigners from countries outside the EU and the EEA, Switzerland and the other Nordic countries must have a residence and work permit in order to work in Denmark.

Foreigners holding a business visa may perform certain work-related activities in Denmark without a residence and work permit. Whether the person has a business visa or a residence and work permit significantly affects the kind of work that may be performed.

Danish enterprises risk substantial fines if they employ foreigners in violation of the rules of the Aliens Act on residence and work permits for foreign citizens. Therefore, it is important that the rules are observed and not least that enterprises are aware of the specific legal aspects relating to employment of foreigners.