The Technical Committee of the International Organisation of Securities Commission (“IOSCO”) has published a list of data categories for the collection of hedge fund information.  IOSCO is an international organisation of securities regulators that serves as a policy forum and the technical committee was set up as a specialised working group that reviews regulatory issues surrounding international securities and futures transactions.

The categories were first published in February 2010. The first survey was subsequently held in September 2011.

In light of recent legislative developments, the Task Force of Unregulated Financial Entities (the “Task Force”) which examines regulatory issues surrounding unregulated financial entities and examines approaches to mitigate risks will conduct a second hedge fund survey.

The 10 updated categories are as follows:

  1. General firm / advisor and fund information;
  2. Performance and investor information for each qualifying fund;
  3. Market and product exposure for strategy assets;
  4. Geographical focus;
  5. Turnover/number of transactions;
  6. Trading and clearing;
  7. Leverage and risk;
  8. Liquidity risk;
  9. Counterparty risk; and
  10. Other information

The aim of collecting this data is to assess systematic risks that may arise by identifying trends in the sector.

The second hedge fund survey is to be held in September 2012 with responses expected by year end.