North Carolina Legislators finished up another 2017 "special session" this week. Over the next few months, members will be in Raleigh on occasion for oversight committee meetings and will return again in January 2018 for another special session. The regular 2018 “short session” will be in May.

Judicial Redistricting (H717 (link is external)) A proposal to alter North Carolina's judicial and prosecutorial districts passed through the House this week. Discussions on this matter are expected to continue when members return to Raleigh early next year.

Vetos Overridden (H56 (link is external) & S16 (link is external)) The General Assembly overrode two gubernatorial vetoes this week. H56 amends various environmental laws and also appropriates funding to the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority and the University of North Carolina at Wilmington to monitor and study the chemical GenX, which has been discharged into the Cape Fear River. S16 is a business regulatory reform act.

Electoral Freedom (S656 (link is external)) Both chambers adopted a conference report this week that would cancel the 2018 party primary elections for all judicial races. In addition, the bill eases ballot access requirements for unaffiliated or third party candidates and lowers the plurality requirement for party primaries from 40 percent to 30 percent.