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Watch this webinar in which Mintz’s Employment, Labor & Benefits and Health Law attorneys and noted immunologist Dr. Darryl Carter discussed key takeaways from the EEOC’s recently updated vaccination guidance and other COVID-19–related workplace questions, including:

Expert Analysis

  • What is an mRNA vaccine? How were the two vaccines authorized for use, and what is known and not yet known about how they work?

Regulatory Considerations

  • What is the scope of the EUA vaccine and home testing process? What can we expect in the near future?

Legal Guideposts for Employers

  • The basic contours of a legally compliant workplace vaccination program.
  • The importance of qualified and trained personnel to administer and manage accommodation requests;
  • The need for compliant recordkeeping with respect to medical information that might be obtained in connection with such a program; and
  • The importance of individualized assessment for employees who refuse to take a vaccination, and the flexibility to accommodate such employees based upon their positions, job duties, and functions in order to balance the “direct threat” and “undue hardship” standards.