On September 20th, the SEC provided notice of the Options Clearing Corporation's filing of a proposal intended to accommodate Weekly Options and Monthly Options. The Chicago Board Options Exchange, Inc. is proposing to trade Weekly Options and Monthly Options on broad-based indexes. Series of Weekly Index Options will expire on a Friday of a calendar month other than the third Friday, and Monthly Index Options will expire on the last trading day of a calendar month. If the last trading day of the month is a Friday, CBOE would opt to list Monthly Index Options over Weekly Index Options. Weekly Index Options and Monthly Index Options would be European-style, P.M.-settled contracts. CBOE proposes for these contracts to be subject to "automatic exercise procedures," meaning that these contracts would automatically be exercised at expiration without the opportunity for the clearing member to submit contrary exercise instructions. Comments should be submitted on or before October 19, 2010. SEC Release No. 34-62942.