If you have used Google’s search engine in recent days, you may well have noticed the addition of a magnifying glass to the right of each search result. Click that magnifying glass, and you will be presented with an instant preview of the relevant page with the searched text highlighted - funnily enough, Google have dubbed this new feature, "Google Instant Previews".

Now, one possible benefit of Google Instant Previews is that its use may lead to a decline in the practice of domain name parking. Domain name parking is the scourge of many a web user who often themselves staring at parked page featuring advertisers' links and listings rather than relevant searched content. Now, if using Google’s new service, users are less likely to end up on a parked page thus denying those who park domain names of their chief revenue source - pay per click advertising.

One for another day, perhaps, is the knock on effect of Google Instant Previews on SEO marketing - poor website design may result in a previewer failing to click through to a site, possibly leading to a fall in page ranking. For those interested in all things web design and SEO, Google has published guidance on how to optimise page design.