Fluid- the work suggests movement. Fluid Trademarks stand true to their name. Used to great effect by brands such as Google (also known as Google Doodle), Chiquitaand Absolut fluid trademarks are presented in an unconventional way. An old logo may be reorganized in different colours, may be given some movement or merged with different images to make it more apt to the digital world. Fluid trademarks are marks that are based on an original mark, but appear as a number of modifications while retaining the main features of the original mark in order to maintain brand recognition. Fluid trademarks can take a number of forms including graphic symbols, verbal elements, logos or a combination thereof.

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Marks, which may be turned to fluid trademarks as a marketing tool: If you are planning to convert your brand to a fluid trademark, the following aspects should always be considered:

  1. History of use
  2. Good reputation
  3. Tech Savvy consumer base for easier recognition
  4. Only brands which have word mark registrations (not a logo/label)

Protection Accorded to Fluid Marks:

It’s not always necessary to protect a fluid mark if it has gained significant added value to the brand and has been used frequently. If the template is a registered mark of the owner, the owner need not register every variant. The brand owners may consider registering a series trademarks in this case.

In any case, Copyright law may be particularly helpful to protect a new variant of a brand since it gives an inherent right to the owner and does not require registration. However, it is key that any copyright in the development of the mark has been assigned by any outside design or marketing agency, ample records are kept of the creation of the trademark, and associated artwork to prove ownership.

It should also be deliberated by the brand owners that in case the ‘use’ of the trademark departs too far from the manner of ‘registration’ of the mark it might become vulnerable to attack by competitors.