Tier 2 should be aware that UKVI caseworkers have begun to request additional information from organisations before granting a restricted certificate of sponsorship (RCoS). Sponsors are not only being asked to provide information on the advertising that has been undertaken to ensure that the resident labour market test was carried out correctly, but we have also seen requests for additional information as to how the migrant worker (if already identified for the role) meets the requirements as set out in the advert.

Sponsors who are required to advertise as part of the Tier 2 process need to be prepared to provide UKVI with a copy of the individual identified for the role's CV, qualifications and any other relevant information.

The purpose behind the requests for additional information is that UKVI caseworkers are checking that the individual identified by the sponsor for a role has the relevant skills and that the position is a genuine vacancy.

As a reminder, sponsors cannot create a role for a particular person and the business must have a genuine vacancy which cannot be filled by a resident worker (UK/EEA national or someone with settled status).

It is also vital that this information is held on file by the sponsor, even if a RCoS is granted, as the UKVI can always request to see the supporting information at a later date eg during an audit.

As a result of the cap being reached and UKVI requesting additional information, sponsors need to plan ahead and be prepared for delays in filling positions.