The Department of Internal Affairs is seeking submissions on a draft set of performance measures which (if adopted) would apply to local authorities from 2015 to dictate how they are to report to their communities on certain categories of activities.

The draft performance measures relate to the following five groups of activities:

  • water supply;
  • sewerage and the treatment and disposal of sewage;
  • stormwater drainage;
  • flood protection and control works; and
  • the provision of roads and footpaths.

Council-controlled organisations that provide one or more of the groups of activities above will also be required to use the standard performance measures.

The requirement to apply such measures from 2015 was introduced in the 2010 reforms to the Local Government Act 2002, which were aimed at promoting better transparency, accountability and financial management of local government.

Submissions on the draft performance measures are due by 28 February 2013. More information, and submission forms for each of the activity areas, can be found here.