In late 2008, Carroll EMC became aware that two new Food Lion grocery stores were being constructed in its territory and that Georgia Power was claiming the right to serve them under the “large load” exception. Food Lion had announced plans to construct ten stores in Georgia and had selected Georgia Power to serve all of them. One of the stores in Carroll EMC’s territory was the first to be completed. Georgia Power conducted a “preliminary” load count in December 2008 and claimed that the connected load at initial full operation would be just over 900 kW. Georgia Power and Carroll EMC conducted a joint load count on February 4, 2009. Carroll EMC’s expert, Bob Dew, noted several unusual practices, such as having all of the lights in the parking lot, as well as the security lights of adjoining stores, connected to the Food Lion meter. On February 16, 2009, Georgia Power contacted Carroll EMC and conceded that the connected load at initial full operation would not meet the 900 kW large load exception. Georgia Power transferred service of this store to Carroll EMC and dropped its claim to serve the other new Food Lion in Carroll EMC’s territory. Georgia Power also dropped its claim to serve other new Food Lion stores in EMC territory.

Status: Final