The Labour Tribunal Ordinance was amended on 24 December 2014, leading to the following changes to the operation of the Labour Tribunal: 

  1. The amendment of the Labour Tribunal's jurisdiction to hear claims for unliquidated sums as well as liquidated sums.
  2. Introduction of a general power to order a party to give security for payment of an award or order, either of its own motion or on the application of a party. The order may require security to be given by payment to the Tribunal of a sum of money that the Tribunal considers sufficient or in any other form or manner that the Tribunal considers appropriate if it is just and expedient to do so. The objective is to minimise undue delays and abuses of the adjudication process. If the party fails to give security when ordered to do so, the Tribunal may dismiss the claim, stay the proceedings or enter judgment on the claim.
  3. Increase in the time limit for enforcing Labour Tribunal awards from 12 months to six years, to align with other civil claims. 

The ability to make an application for a security order will be a useful tool in dissuading employees from pursuing abusive claims and/or tactics.