The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently sponsored a national summit on worker safety. Among the issues addressed were safety hazards faced by hispanic workers, including housekeepers. Under the Obama administration, OSHA has greatly increased enforcement efforts against employers (e.g., more citations and higher penalties), and hispanic worker safety is a key OSHA initiative. Click here to read an article that discusses the increased enforcement and recommendations on how employers can respond. Additionally, OSHA recently announced that it intends to target employers with ergonomic injuries by issuing citations under the general duty clause (Section 5(a)(1)). The hospitality industry can expect to be a target of these initiatives. Accordingly, it would be wise for hospitality employers to review their history of ergonomic injuries and ensure that safety policies concerning lifting, bending, and stretching are in place and are being enforced. See below for information on an upcoming event on this topic.