Finding the right space to conduct your daily operations is important for any business, including emerging and high growth companies. Negotiating your lease is also crucial, as it governs the use of the space in which you run your business, where your employees work and where your customers or investors come to visit.

But leases can be complex, long-term commitments, so understanding the implications is important. This presentation by Osler Real Estate Group partner Paul Morassutti and associate Matthew Ritchie examines the nuances involved in negotiating a lease. Available in both webinar and PowerPoint format, the goal of this presentation is to help prepare you to navigate the following issues:

  • why your lease is important
  • deal terms – letter of intent vs. offer to lease
  • implications of signing a lease for tenants and landlords
  • financial covenants, inducements and operating costs
  • relocation/termination of rights of landlord
  • transfers and insurance
  • events of default
  • term and extensions

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