EU Animal Health Law approved: The EU Parliament and Council have approved a comprehensive Regulation on Transmissible Animal Diseases to be implemented over the next five years. (Regulation 2016/429).View >

EU Committee considers national proposals: The EU Standing Committee on Plant, Animal, Food and Feed is to consider a draft decree from the French Government imposing origin labelling requirements for milk and meat ingredients in products, when it meets on 12 April. Also on the agenda is a draft Irish Bill to impose labelling, marketing and display requirements on alcoholic products. View >

ASA complaint upheld re price comparison: The ASA has upheld a complaint against The Hut where an advertisement didn’t make clear that the reduction claimed was against a recommended retail price and not the previous price at which product had been sold. View >

Consultations - EU DG Grow:

  • Improving business environment for start-up businesses. Closes 30 June: View >
  • Refit review of regulation in the construction sector. Closes 20 June: View >
  • Peanut oil and hydrolysed wheat protein in cosmetic products. Closes 1 July: View >
  • Methylisothiazolinone in cosmetic products. Closes 1 July: View >

EU technical reg: Sets MRL’s for captan, propiconazole and spiroxamine. 2016/452 >