The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (“Ministry”) announced two (2) more huge tenders of 1,000MWs for both offshore wind and solar energy.

With respect to the Ministry’s announcement, the 1,000MWs wind tender will be finalized this year and will be the world’s biggest offshore wind project. The candidate areas for the wind energy tender which are located in the northwest of Turkey are (i) Saros, (ii) Gelibolu and (iii) Kıyıköy.

Furthermore, the candidate areas for the solar tender are (i) Hatay-Erzin, (ii) Niğde-Bor and (iii) Şanlıurfa. The details regarding both tenders are expected to be announced by this summer.

On a separate but related note, in 2017 Turkey held already two (2) renewable energy tenders of 1,000 MWs, one is wind energy (onshore) and solar energy tenders.