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Consumer protection and liability


Are airfares regulated in your jurisdiction?

Airfares are regulated only for domestic operation. The maximum fare is set out in the regulations.

According to the Consumer Protection Law, all prices (including airfares) in Israel should be published as the total price (including all charges, taxes and levies).

Passenger protection

What rules and liabilities are air carriers subject to in respect of:

(a) Flight delays and cancellations?

The Air Services Law offers assistance, reimbursement and compensation for flight delays and cancellations to and from Israel. The law is based on EU Resolution 261/2004, with a few adaptations made specifically for Israel. The law provides passengers with remedies for delays of more than two hours, flight cancellations and denied boarding.

(b) Oversold flights?

The Air Services Law offers remedies for overbooking.

(c) Denied boarding?

The Air Services Law offers remedies for denied boarding.

(d) Access for disabled passengers?

There are regulations regarding equal rights for the disabled on public transport, which set aircarrier requirements for the provision of assistance to disabled passengers at the airport and during the flight.

(e) Lost, damaged or destroyed luggage?

The Air Transport Law adopts the Montreal Convention. The convention governs an airline’s obligations regarding its passengers in case of lost, damaged or destroyed luggage, as well as bodily damage or injury.

(f) Retention and protection of passenger data?

The Protection of Privacy Law includes rules for the safety of personal data, which is also relevant in respect of passenger data.


What rules and liabilities apply to the air carriage of cargo?

The Air Transport Law adopts the Montreal Convention and provides obligations in respect of cargo operation (mostly for loss, damage or delay in cargo delivery).

Marketing and advertising

Do any special rules apply to the marketing and advertising of aviation services?

The Consumer Protection Law applies for aviation services, mainly regarding:

  • advertising issues (eg, the obligation to advertise at full price); and
  • obligations in respect of passenger rights in case of reservation cancellations (ie, the ability to cancel within 14 days of a reservation with a minimum charge of 5% of the reservation value and no more than NIS100 per passenger).

Complaints handling

Do any special rules apply to consumer complaints handling in the aviation industry?

The Air Services Law states the rules and remedies for consumer complaints regarding delay, flight cancellations and denied boarding. It also states the necessity for punitive damages where the airline does not comply with the law. Consumer complaints may also be handled by the Consumer Protection and Fair Trade Authority acting as part of the Ministry of Economics.

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