When Indiana's 2008-09 legislative session ended last week, the members of the General Assembly had agreed on several matters impacting the insurance industry. Beginning in October 2009, insurers making benefit payments directly to insureds will be required to provide the insureds with specific information relating to the payment itself, such as the services being covered, a reminder of the patient’s financial responsibility and a statement that the money should be used to pay the provider, if the provider has not yet been paid. The same legislation will require the Indiana Department of Insurance to conduct studies on the impact of such direct payments on HMOs and insurers. Additional legislation passed requires insurers to cover routine care costs regardless of whether the insured is a participant in a clinical trial. One important bill that eluded passage was H.B. 1627, which included model audit provisions required to be in place in 2010. While the bill’s proponents were disappointed, there is still time for the Insurance Department to mandate audit provisions through regulation.