CZ NIC, the domain name Registry in the Czech Republic, has announced that it is introducing Registrar certification in order to provide registrants with greater confidence when registering .CZ domain names.

Domain name registrations under the .CZ extension continue to grow and, in September 2011, there were some 834,876 registered domain names in the .CZ domain name space. At the same time as this continual growth, during the last three years CZ NIC has seen the number of companies offering domain name registration services triple in number. By introducing Registrar certification, CZ NIC aims to provide customers with an overview of the level of service provided by registrars, covering such criteria as the ability to register a .CZ domain name, the level of customer service (including assistance with any documentation), as well as the technical functionality of the registrar's system.  

A registrar will be awarded one star for having achieved 50%- 60% of the criteria, and five stars for having achieved 90%– 100% of the criteria. "Registrars with at least one star will be authorised to use the 'Registrar Certified for Retail' symbol" according to Martin Peterka, operations director of CZ NIC and the person responsible for the association’s cooperation with .CZ domain name registrars  

The new system will undoubtedly enable end users to have a better overview of the level of service provided by registrars and in turn should help end users to make a more informed decision when they come to choose a registrar for their .CZ domain names.  

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