According to a news source, Life Technologies shareholder Chang Choi has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a class of company shareholders alleging breach of fiduciary duties arising from the planned $13.6-billion sale of the company to Thermo Fisher Scientific. Additional information about the deal appears in Issue 55 of this Bulletin. Filed in a California state court, the suit reportedly claims that the proposed sale “is the product of a hopelessly flawed process that is designed to ensure the sale of Life Technologies to Thermo Fisher on terms preferential to defendants and other Life Technologies insiders and to subvert the interests of plaintiff and other public stockholders of the company.” Under the deal, Life Tech executives and its board would, according to Choi, receive more than $340 million by selling their “illiquid holdings” and thus “board members are conflicted and serving their own financial interests.” See GenomeWeb, April 23, 2013.