Senate Bill 3429, introduced August 1, proposes to nearly triple the charitable mileage deduction from 14 cents to about 40 cents per mile. The IRS increased the business mileage rate from 50 cents to 58.5 cents per mile in June. The charitable rate may be changed only by statute and not by the IRS. The Giving Incentives to Volunteers Everywhere (GIVE) Act of 2008 would permanently set the charitable mileage rate at 70 percent of the business rate. The charity rate, therefore, would increase proportionally with future IRS-led increases to the business rate. The increase would be the first since 1997. Additionally under the bill as currently written, volunteers at charitable organizations already receiving travel reimbursement at the business rate would no longer face taxation on the difference between that rate and the charitable mileage rate. More than 100 charitable organizations have endorsed the bill.