On November 6, 2012, voters from five US states—Delaware, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, and Washington—voted on their senior insurance regulator. All five incumbents won re-election.

In Delaware, incumbent Democrat Karen Weldin-Stuart won her second term as Commissioner. She garnered 61% of the votes to defeat Republican challenger Benjamin Mobley, a financial consultant.

In Montana, incumbent Democrat Monica Lindeen defeated Republican challenger Derek Skees, a member of the Montana Legislature. Commissioner Lindeen, who assumed office in 2009 after four terms in the Montana legislature, is currently the Secretary-Treasurer for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners ("NAIC").

In North Carolina, incumbent Democrat Wayne Goodwin won his second term as Commissioner with the defeat of Republican challenger Mike Causey in a state that has been trending Republican. Commissioner Goodwin focused his campaign on keeping auto insurance rates low and cracking down on insurance fraud.

In North Dakota, incumbent Republican Adam Hamm received 63% of the vote to defeat Democratic challenger Tom Potter. Commissioner Hamm, who won his second term as Commissioner, is currently the Vice President of the NAIC.

In Washington, incumbent Democrat Mike Kreidler defeated Republican challenger John Adams, an insurance broker. Commissioner Kreidler won his fourth consecutive term in office with 58% of the vote, and is the longest-serving current Commissioner in the US.

With the elections for Governors being held in 6 additional states (and the territories of Puerto Rico and American Samoa) where the Governor appoints the Insurance Commissioner, there may be some new appointments of Commissioners in 2013.

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