The Treasury's National Infrastructure Unit released its 2012 National State of Infrastructure Report on 5 November 2012.  The Report is the first annual report following the 2011 National Infrastructure Plan and provides an update on progress and challenges in the infrastructure sector.  The Plan's ultimate goal is to ensure that by 2030 New Zealand's infrastructure is resilient and coordinated, and contributes to economic growth and increased quality of life. 

The Report contains an overview from the National Infrastructure Unit and the National Infrastructure Advisory Board (an independent board established to advise the Minister of Finance).  The National Infrastructure Unit highlights progress made around increasing an information base and the continued central and local government and private sector commitment to investment in infrastructure. 

The National Infrastructure Advisory Board emphasises that while the strategic direction in the Plan remains, the environment in which it operates has changed.  The Board reports developments in the past year in the transport, telecommunications, energy, water and social sectors.  It also provides specific think pieces on:

  • infrastructure developments and water futures in Canterbury;
  • proposed transport investment and planning for Auckland;
  • economics and the role of more targeted and comprehensive road pricing in managing demand;
  • a focus on Christchurch; and
  • risk management, resilience and insurance.

The Report also follows the first ministerial progress report from the Building Infrastructure work-stream of the Business Growth Agenda, released on 1 November 2012. 

The full Report can be accessed here.  The next annual report is due mid 2013 and the next plan is due in 2014.