Watkins Inc., a Minnesota-based company known for its black pepper, has filed a lawsuit against McCormick and Co., Inc., a global purveyor of spices, alleging that McCormick recently began underfilling its pepper containers but continued using the same size of packaging. Watkins Inc. v. McCormick and Co., No. 15-2688 (D. Minn., filed June 9, 2015). The complaint provides photographic comparisons of Watkins and McCormick tins, a photo of McCormick’s 2-ounce tin alongside the 1.5-ounce tin in a store selling each for the same price, and several photos of stores with shelf tags incorrectly listing the previous size but offering the reduced-size product. “McCormick intentionally kept the tin the same size, with the same price, notwithstanding the 25% decrease in ground black pepper fill, in a manner that misleads retailers and consumers,” the complaint asserts. Watkins alleges that McCormick has violated the Lanham Act and several state business practices acts as well as engaged in unfair competition. The company seeks an injunction, damages and attorney’s fees.