The NMLS has made a variety of changes that affect the Financial Condition (FC) and Residential Mortgage Loan Activity (RMLA) Report for both Standard and Expanded filers. E-mail notifications will now be available for users who choose to subscribe to such notifications. Subscribing will provide up to four different e-mail notifications alerting the user about Standard Financial Condition and MCR filing deadlines. Also, the Lines of Credit information that is normally submitted on RMLA filings will now be on a new “RMLA General” form. This form will not be state-specific. New fields have also been added to both the FC and RMLA. Additionally, various completeness checks have been added to allow for better verification of entered data. Various other technical corrections and updates are also part of the changes. These changes take effect July 23, 2012, and may relate to the Second Quarter 2012 and subsequent Mortgage Call Report.