The latest edition of FCA’s Policy Development Update highlights publications expected in the opening months of 2016, including:

  • before the end of the year, a consultation on the markets aspects of MiFID 2 implementation, and a policy statement on capital resources requirements for personal investment firms;
  • during the first quarter of 2016, a policy statement on UCITS V implementation and other Handbook changes affecting investment funds, on regulatory references and on cash savings remedies;
  • in February 2016, a policy statement on reform of the Credit Unions Sourcebook
  • in March 2016, a policy statement on FCA policy for regulatory fees and levies for 2016/17 and a consultation on rates (both in March);
  • in spring 2016 a policy statement on proposed policies and Handbook changes related to implementation of the new market abuse regime (EU MAR); and
  • in April 2016 consultation on retail aspects of MiFID 2 implementation.

Other publications are planned, but FCA has not assigned a publication date to them yet. (Source: Policy Development Update 28)