How long is it taking for trade promotions permits to come through at the moment, we hear you ask?  Well, lately we’ve definitely seen the gaming authorities pick up the pace for turning around permits.  We’re sure this will be music to your ears!

If you need permits on a national basis for your trade promotion, then we’d suggest allowing around 2 weeks for all permits to come through.  However, if you’re working on a particularly unusual promotion or you have a high national prize pool (over $200k) it may take a little longer.  We’ll let you know how long we think it might take when you get in touch with details.

Also, some permit related news which might make you fall off your chairs (seriously, you should hang on) is that recently we have seen the NSW authority issue permits within 6-12 hours of a permit application being lodged!  While we unfortunately can’t guarantee these timings for you, it is most definitely an improvement from when the NSW authority was taking 20 business days to issue a permit, as some of you may have experienced last year.

Finally, just a reminder that it is still only the SA gaming authority that offers a “premium” service – this is where you can pay a higher government fee for the permit to be issued within 5 business days of lodgement (instead of the usual 6-10 business days in SA).  The SA gaming authority will charge you exactly double the original fee for this service (which in some cases means you will pay an extremely high fee).