We have received an increased number of enquiries from sponsors who have been impacted by delays in UKVI processing requests for changes of circumstances. These include when sponsors report to the UKVI on changes to their organisation's details such as address, overseas linked entities, and key personnel or wish to add new working sites in the UK, eg another office on their licence.

Whilst the published processing time for sponsors' changes in circumstances is 18 weeks, in the past such requests were processed within a few weeks, with urgent requests being handled within days.

We are currently liaising with UKVI senior officials to understand the reasons behind such delays. In the meantime, sponsors should make sure that if, for example, an authorising officer is leaving the company, the request to replace the authorising officer is made as early as possible.

By way of reminder, the timeline to report any changes relating to the sponsor to the UKVI remains 20 working days.