The Action Agenda aims to reduce injuries and fatalities at work and deliver healthy and productive workplaces for all New Zealanders by focussing on the five sectors where the most harm is consistently occurring: construction, agriculture, manufacturing, forestry and fishing. The Action Agenda reflects the following priority areas as being key to development:

  • the need for a sector-based approach
  • improved focus and delivery for occupational health issues
  • improved workplace culpability, guidance and standards (especially for small businesses)
  • improved competency standards for health and safety professionals
  • increased worker participation in workplaces, including health and safety representative training.

The Government has implemented four action plans to help to achieve its aim of a safer workplace in the five sectors. The action plans involve growing safety leadership, developing capability, building knowledge and supporting a robust health and safety system.

Each sector will have an individual three year Sector Action Plan. An Occupational Health Action Plan will be developed alongside these Plans, which aims to improve awareness and understanding of work-related diseases and reduce the exposures facing workers.

In three years time, the Government wants to see "substantial progress" in achieving its vision of "healthy people in safe and productive workplaces." Employees in the five sectors can expect to see an increase in enforcement activity over this time, as this is one of the identified actions for 2010-2013.

For more information about the National Action Agenda and how we can assist your business, contact us or go to the Department of Labour website.