Following Turkey bringing down Russian military aircraft participating in a Russian mission in Syria, Russia has introduced sanctions against Turkey.

On 28 November 2015, Russian President issued Edict 583 (the "Edict") introducing special economic measures against Turkish Republic. The Edict establishes the legal basis for introduction of the following measures:

  • Prohibition or restriction of importation into Russia of certain goods of Turkish origin;
  • Prohibition or restriction on companies under Turkish jurisdiction to perform certain services in Russia;
  • Prohibition on employment of Turkish citizens in Russia;
  • Suspension as of 1 January 2016 of visa-free entrance of Turkish citizens into Russia;
  • Prohibition of charter flights between Russia and Turkey and instruction to tour operators to suspend sale of tours to Turkey.

In the Address to the Russian Parliament, the President suggested that more sanctions may follow.

In furtherance to the Edict, on 30 November 2015 the Russian Government issued Decree 1296 (the "Decree") implementing the Edict. In particular, it provides for the list of Turkish goods banned from importation into Russia as of 1 January 2016, namely, chicken and turkey meat, some fruits and vegetables, bubble gum and salt. The Decree provides for suspension of negotiations of certain bilateral treaties with Turkey and for restriction of cargo transportation by road between Russia and Turkey. The following are major exceptions from the sanctions:

  • The Government will issue a list of contracts and employers exempt from sanctions;
  • Employment prohibitions do not apply to Turkish citizens which would have been employed as of 31 December 2015;
  • The ban on importation of Turkish goods does not apply to goods imported by individuals for personal use.

Ministry of Economic Development has been instructed to prepare draft lists of banned services and the list of contracts exempt from the ban. Ministry of Labour jointly with Ministry of Economic Development and Migration Service has been instructed to prepare draft list of employers exempt from ban on employing Turkish individuals. Service on Protection of Rights of Customers was instructed to supervise suspension on tour operators to sell tours to Turkey. Governmental authorities were further invited to propose amendments to the term or nature of the measures based on the actions of Turkey and the practice of application of the existing measures.

Further actions are expected to be taken by the Russian Government. Media report that these works and services would likely be in the construction business.