The Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s Divisions of Clearing and Risk and Market Oversight granted no-action relief to swap execution facilities and designated contract markets that permit them to correct swap trades that have not cleared solely because of a clerical error or omission. Where clerical errors are discovered after clearing, the relief also allows counterparties to resubmit such trades for clearing with correct terms. Separately, the CFTC’s DMO granted no-action relief to SEFs that permit them, in connection with issuance of a required confirmation statement in connection with uncleared swaps, to reference terms of previously negotiated agreements between counterparties without first obtaining and retaining such agreements. Finally, DMO issued guidance to voice-based SEFS that, in determining how much financial resources they must have to cover their operating costs on a one-year rolling basis, they are not obligated to consider as a cost variable commissions they might pay to employees who act as brokers. DMO said that such expenses are not payable until revenue is collected by the SEF.