In its fifth employer investigation in a series of "I-9 audit surges," U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is notifying 1,000 companies that it will inspect their I-9 forms, which the employers and employees are required to complete in connection with the employer's requirement to verify the worker's eligibility to work. This marks the beginning of a new round of investigations to ensure businesses hire only people authorized to work in the United States, with a focus on companies vital to national security and other government and economic functions. ICE will investigate companies of all sizes and in every state in the United States, with an emphasis on those it deems to be related to critical infrastructure and key resources, including those in the sectors of banking and finance, commercial nuclear reactors, dams, water treatment systems, government facilities, information technology, telecommunications, and transportation systems. ICE selected companies for audits based on tips or intelligence that led ICE to believe they may be engaging in improper hiring practices