A recent article, “The Inside Track: Training Tomorrow’s In-house Teams,” published by the Harvard Law School Center on the Legal Profession in their digital magazine, The Practice, explores both the incredible growth of lawyers now working within in-house legal departments and identifies many of the key skillsets these lawyers need to succeed—skillsets that are often not taught during a traditional legal education. The article goes on to trace how law schools are adjusting their curricula to prepare students for careers in-house as well as to identify the types of supplementary training increasingly available to lawyers already in the profession, like Harvard Law School Executive Education’s “Leadership in Corporate Counsel” program. The article first appeared in a 2019 issue, “In-House Ethics, “of The Practice.

The Center on the Legal Profession is a research organization dedicated to providing a richer understanding of the rapidly changing global legal profession. The concepts contained in the article—concepts based on the Center’s ongoing research into the in-house counsel movement and the increasingly important role general counsel play, both within their organizations and in relation to the legal profession, the market, and the state—are central to HLS Executive Education’s “Leadership in Corporate Counsel” (LCC) program. The program offers senior in-house leaders insights into the challenges they face and the frameworks, concepts and tools they need to succeed in their increasingly complex roles. The application for the 2020 “Leadership in Corporate Counsel” program is now open—learn more about the program.

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