On March 29th, Fairfax County held a kick off meeting to start the Dulles Suburban Center Planning Study. Members of the McGuireWoods team were present. 

The Dulles Suburban Center extends generally south from the Dulles Toll Road through the entirely of the Route 28 corridor to Westfields and points south.  The study area includes thousands of acres of very strategic real estate.  This planning study represents an important opportunity to add value to land that has generally not been evaluated in planning and zoning processes for decades. Much of this real estate has historically been planned and zoned exclusively for office uses.  The study is a timely and overdue opportunity to reevaluate planning and zoning recommendations based on the well documented shift in the demands for office and the concurrent recognition of the benefits of a broader mix of uses.  

Procedurally, the County has established a May 31st deadline to submit nominations for land use changes within the study area.  Such nominations can be made by owners and potential developers and contract purchasers. There is no fee to make such a nomination. We encourage owners and developers to  take a careful and strategic look at potential opportunities in this important corridor.