This is a project which main purpose is to build a passenger rail transportation system that will connect the north (Centra Norte) and south (Centra Sur) areas of Guatemala City, which means a path of approximately 26 miles of length. With this project, which estimated investment is US $. 770 million, it is intended to modernize and make more efficient the urban transportation in Guatemala City.

This project is currently in the phase of previous technical studies and will be developed through a Public Private Partnerships program (APP in Spanish). Recently, on July 16, 2018, a collaboration agreement was signed between the public entities involved in the development of this project and it aims to make more efficient and easier the development of the MetroRiel project.

The next phase of the project will be the prequalification of the offerors, which is planned to be carried out in September 2018. The phase of prequalification looks to perform a prior qualification of all the offerors who have expressed interest in participating in this project. The prequalification seeks to determine and qualify the potential offerors for the development of the project, according to their technical and financial capacity, and to guarantee that offerors are in the position to develop the project in the future public tender process.