On September 11, 2008, William Lane, the director of L.T. Recycling Inc. and owner of a property on which the company had been accumulating used tires, was sentenced to 18 months in jail for four violations of the Environmental Protection Act. According to the MOE, this sentence is the longest jail term ever imposed for an environmental offence in Ontario. The company had been accumulating tires on the property for more than 10 years without the required provincial environmental approvals. During that time, numerous MOE inspections had confirmed that the site did not comply with applicable legislative and regulatory requirements, and the Middlesex-London Health Unit had found that the site posed a public health risk. Furthermore, Mr. Lane had not responded to an MOE order requiring him to reduce the number of tire units on-site to fewer than 5,000. As a result, Mr. Lane was convicted of failing to comply with a order of the MOE Director; operating a waste disposal site without a Certificate of Approval; using a facility for waste storage that was not part of a waste management system for which a Certificate of Approval had been issued; and failing as a director of a corporation to take all reasonable care to prevent the company from contravening the Director’s order.

For further information, please see www.ene.gov.on.ca/en/news/2008/091201.php.