The Agriculture Department (Rosselkhoznadzor) issued an order authorizing 9 U.S. meat plants and storage facilities as eligible to supply exported meat products to the Russia Federation (27 ITR 1482; 9/30/2010).



The Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) announced that it would impose anti-dumping duties between 50.3% to 105.4% on imports of US chicken products (27 ITR 1487; 9/30/2010).


The Commerce Department announced an affirmative final determination in the anti-dumping probe on imports of seamless refined copper pipe and tube from Mexico and China assigning rates as high as 60.85% percent against China (Seamless Refined Copper Pipe and Tube from Mexico and China, (27 ITR 1490; 9.30/2010).

The Commerce Department announced affirmative final determinations in the anti-dumping and counter-vailing duty investigations of imports of coated paper from China and Indonesia putting rates on China ranging as high as 314% (Coated Paper from China and Indonesia, ITA); (27 ITR 1455; 9/23/10).


The European Union intensified efforts to investigate alleged illegal subsidies for imported products from China involving wireless modems (27 ITR 1432; 9/23/2010).



The International Chamber of Commerce presented a major update to the Incoterms trade rules and acronyms to account for changes in the past 10 years (27 ITR 1423; 9/30/2010).


CBP published a final country of origin determination on certain uninterruptable power supplies and individual units that may be offered to the U.S. government under an undesignated government procurement contract concluding that the units had undergone “substantial transformation” in the U.S. for purposes of compliance with the Buy American Act in U.S. government procurement contracts (27 ITR 1426; 9/23/2010).



The United Steel Workers filed a Section 301 petition with the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative to investigate illegal Chinese government trade practices including restrictions on assets to critical materials, performance requirements for foreign investors, discrimination against foreign firms and goods by government entities, subsidies contingent on export performance or domestic content and trade-distorting domestic subsidy programs to benefit green exporters (27 ITR 1385; 9/16/2010).

Information Technology:


The Indian National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM) is studying whether the Ohio Executive Order banning off-shoring in state government procurement is illegal (27 ITR 1388; 9/16/2010).

Export Controls:


The Commerce Department Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) requested public comments on a proposed set of best practices for transit, transshipment, and re-export of items subject to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) with comments due October 18, 2010 (75 Fed. Reg. 53,639; 27 ITR 1333; 9/9/2010).


BIS issued final rule on EAR revisions to match Wassenaar Arrangement changes to the list of "dual-use" goods and technologies (75 Fed. Reg. 54,271; 27 ITR 1334; 9/9/2010).