Hundreds of WHSmith customers have received emails containing other customers details after a technical problem  with a "contact us" form on WHSmith's website. Information typed into the form, was supposed to be sent directly to the retailer but was sent incorrectly to the entire mailing list of WHSmith magazine subscribers due to a technical bug  which led to a flurry of emails containing the personal data of other subscribers being sent to the personal email accounts of WHSmith customers.

In a statement, the company told the Guardian newspaper: “We have been alerted to a systems processing bug by I-subscribe, who manage our magazine subscriptions. It is a bug not a data breach.”  A spokeswoman for the high street retailer confirmed that 22 customers’ personal information had been disclosed due to the technical hitch but their password and payment details had not been compromised.

The company confirmed that once the problem had come to their attention the online "Contact Us" form which contained the identified bug was taken down whilst concerned customers were contacted to apologise for the administrative error.