There has been a lot of media attention on Las Vegas due to one of the most anticipated matches in boxing history that will be held tomorrow!  However, you probably won’t see much coverage on the regulatory requirements for a boxing match.  In Nevada, boxing (as well as MMA) is overseen by the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC).  The NAC is made up of 5 part-time members who license all kinds of participants in a boxing match, such as the fighter, the referee, judges, the timekeeper, ringside doctors, promoters, managers, and ring announcers.

A boxer must apply for a license from the NAC, which includes a physical examination, MRI, and opthalmologic exam 24 hours before a fight.  In addition, the NAC is responsible for regulations that govern such things as the ring or cage setup, boxing gloves, and types of drinks permitted in the corner.  What an exciting (and regulated) fight!