Employers Reinsurance Corporation was denied a request to correct “imprecise” language in its answer and counterclaim in a suit brought against it by a medical malpractice insurer for failing to fund a settlement of a lawsuit against one of the malpractice insurer’s covered physicians. ERC’s answer included a defense of “setoff” for a sum that it had paid allegedly in error in connection with the underlying malpractice lawsuit. After the court’s deadline for amending pleadings expired, ERC sought to amend its answer to seek “recoupment” in addition to “setoff” in order “to make the terminology of its pleadings more precisely fit” the facts of the case. The court held that ERC’s belated attempt to make its answer more precise showed a “lack of diligence.” The court denied ERC’s proposed amendment for failure to show the requisite good cause. Ohio Insurance Co. v. Employers Reinsurance Corp., Case No. 2:08-cv-83 (USDC S.D. Ohio July 15, 2011).