On October 29, 2009 the Ministers of Environment from across Canada endorsed a Canada-wide strategic vision for water which outlines how the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) will ensure that Canadians have access to clean, safe and sufficient water to meet their needs but also maintain the integrity of eco-systems.

The CCME vision entitled Setting Strategic Directions for Water provides a framework to guide CCME in the future activities related to water. The five goals to be achieved are that:

  • Aquatic eco-systems are protected on a sustainable watershed basis;
  • The conservation and wise use of water is promoted;
  • Water quality and water quantity management is improved, benefitting human and eco-system health;
  • Climate change impacts are reduced through adaptive strategies; and
  • Knowledge about the state of Canada’s waters developed and shared.  

Potential future deliverables include:

  • Guidance documents for integrated community-based watershed management;
  • A water valuation guidance document;
  • A report on the use of social marketing techniques to promote positive behavioural changes;
  • Continued development of the Canadian Water Quality Guidelines;
  • Development and implementation of a Canada-wide strategy for the management of Municipal Wastewater; and
  • Continued monitoring for climate change detection, watershed vulnerability assessment, prioritization and adaption planning and ongoing public reporting.  

For further information please see: http://www.ccme.ca/about/communiques/index.html?item=368