On January 6, 2016, the European Central Bank’s Banking Supervision division published its priorities for 2016. Under the Single Supervisory Mechanism Regulation, the ECB is responsible for the direct prudential supervision of the largest Eurozone banks and indirectly responsible for prudentially supervising the smaller Eurozone banks. The priorities, which aim to direct the ECB’s supervision of the largest Eurozone banks, are business model and profitability risk, credit risk, capital adequacy, risk governance and data quality and liquidity. The ECB will be implementing initiatives around the priorities during 2016, including thematic reviews and holding dialogue with the banks.

The 2016 SSM Priorities are available at: https://www.bankingsupervision.europa.eu/ecb/pub/pdf/publication_supervisory_priorities_2016.en.pdf?024a0072fe923 441556e5bba7251dd6d