Austria: Anticipated Social Insurance Contribution 2013

It has been published that the estimated figures for 2013 will be as follows:

The monthly income limit to be marginally employed (which does not require full insurance) will be raised from EUR 376.26 to EUR 386.80.

The maximum assessment base for social insurance contributions will be raised from a monthly income of EUR 4,230.00 to EUR 4,440.00. For freelancers (freie Dienstnehmer) it will be increased from monthly EUR 4,935.00 to EUR 5,180.00.

Industrial Safety

On federal level the following ordinances have been published which have effect on Industrial Engineering companies having their plants there:

  • New Limiting Values for working material ordinance for Burgenland (Landes- Grenzwerteverordnung); 1 August 2012
  • Amendment of the Chemical Working Material Ordinance for Salzburg (Chemische Arbeitsstoffe-Verordnung); 20 July 2012